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How to brew green tea

How to brew green tea u There are many types of green tea

u There are many types of green tea they differ in appearance, quality, odor and taste in Asian countries, brew green tea is traditional, with due respect for ritual / U
... This drink is good for our body - obviously lies in the mystery of longevity and how do you brew green tea in order to fully exploit their properties and feel Here are tips
u water and how to cook / u .? br
extremely important factor in the quality of green tea, water. tea is best to use spring water with low mineral content. Her cooking must be completed within the period named. white point, or when air bubbles rise to the mountains and the water begins to slightly mix. Then turn off the coffee boiling water loses large amounts of oxygen and no longer able to brew green tea.
boiled water in accordance with these guidelines, should be cooled to the appropriate temperature, or around 60-80 degrees C. If the appliance is not equipped with a thermometer, the ship should be stopped for about 8-10 minutes -. After this time water from the white point, get the perfect temperature
seafront welding equipment / u
important in the process of brewing green tea have special equipment, or porcelain teapot or glass of beer. But first you have to pour hot water for tea brewed in it later, do not lose heat. Green tea leaves readily absorb odors from the environment, so store them in sealed containers - preferably in cans -.
u making process / u
most important rule to remember when brewing green tea is not pouring boiling water over it. the packaging of tea often do not have such information, or in a misleading description, making tea Welding in the wrong way. water temperature makes tea becomes thick and tart flavor. In addition, it loses medicinal value ..
time to allow proper beer green tea is often dependent on the type of green tea showed a stimulant, it should burn for about 2-3 minutes, and if the offense relax - no more than 8 - 10 minutes
u Abstract:. / u
prepare a cup of green tea one teaspoon of leaves, Green tea should be flooded with water at 60-80 ° C, depending on the type, the same tea leaves you can brew up to 3 times, but the most valuable brew gets a second time,. better leaf, shorter cooking tea / ul

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