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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


Ideas for lunch to add variety to lunch

Ideas for lunch

u Lunch can rebuild and make a list of liquid refreshment in the body should be easy to digest and not very abundant in school, at work or even at home - .. The first small meal between breakfast and lunch for Every important / u
seafront Sandwiches / b Most
u Bread is, of course, the best dark. pumpernickel bread, rye, sunflower, or Graham / u, you can conjure up a pretty healthy and nutritious sandwich slices should be lubricated with margarine or better yet - with butter and put on your favorite add-ons, and this is a number, for example. u cheese, hard boiled eggs, smoked. fish, sausages or roasts of - chicken, turkey or ham - / u vitamin supplements, such as the seafront lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers and radishes / u to make sandwiches were delicious. juicy, colorful, and will retain their freshness longer very good idea seafront pastes were prepared independently, such as those with cheese, eggs or fish / u -. inexpensive and quick to make, they are especially loves children
Sandwiches must be especially tasty and varied, worth a try bread sticks and rice are the chips - nutritious and healthier cotton candy
u something to drink / u

. . Drinks complete list of fluids in the body, and it helps to stay focused and well-being seafront Children and teenagers should drink milk or natural fruit juices / u - called the healthiest day, such as carrots or. Orange - .. However, if the student is accustomed to drink non-carbonated mineral water, you should buy a bottle or a bottle, so he can take you to school every day of your favorite beverage u At work, lunch is best to drink hot tea, juice - fruit or vegetable -. or kefir / u The key is to avoid artificially colored fizzy drinks - they are very unhealthy and destroy teeth and contribute to obesity.

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