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The provisions of herring on a holiday table

The provisions of herring for the holiday table u holiday table can not follow

u holiday table can not follow are some recipes for this Christmas treat / u
b herring marinated mushrooms / b seafront. Br Ingredients: / u
1 kg fresh - so-called green - following JAR - 0.5 liters - 4 onion marinated mushrooms, olive oil or / ul
u charging circuit: / u
2 cups water 2 cups white vinegar 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons salt 3 bay leaves a few grains of black pepper, allspice and coriander a little more garlic or mustard / ul
okviru topics procedure / u
pickle ingredients simmer, then cover the dish tightly and leave to cool.
wash and fillet herring, leaving the skin. Then arrange them in a high stone bowl or pot and pour the marinade. Let stand at cool room for 24 hours, the following day, remove the checkmark from the pickle, cut the ring and re-organize in the same container as follows: the bottom layer of sliced ​​onions in the pens, pieces of herring, chopped mushrooms, onion layer
each layer. Sprinkle a pinch of coarse salt and pepper utłuczonym. last, reaching upper layer of onions. Pour the whole olive oil, how to get to any place, and then cover the pan and leave to cool. herring are delicious the next day. hr /
b Herring marinated with coriander / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
6 herring fillets 2 leeks 2 apples 2 lemon 1/2 cup dry white wine 2 teaspoons coriander seeds piece of ginger root / ul
in Method / u
wash and cut the fillets in the ring. peeled apples, then chop finely, then mix with the coriander. cook 1/2 cup water, pour in the wine and the juice of one lemon and add the grated ginger. bring to boil and leave to przestudzenia.
jar herring compose, leeks and apples. Pour them wrong and put the mortar in the fridge. before serving. on the table, herring consumed on a platter and garnish with remaining lemon slices hr /
b herring in plum sauce / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
packing herring fillets in marinade of olive oil 2 cups almonds pack prunes 4 tablespoons olive oil Juice of half a lemon a few slices of lemon to decorate the parsley to decorate a little sugar and salt / ul
u Method / u
After removing the fillets from the pack, we spread them on paper towels to drain excess oil plums put a bowl of warm water and soaked for 1 hour almonds scalding with boiling water and peel, then coarsely chop - .. We put a few almonds for decoration of the most beautiful dish -.
prunes simmer about 10 minutes in the water in which the Moczyły, then rub through a sieve and combine with the almonds, seasoned to taste with sugar, salt and lemon juice . br SCROLL fillets rolled in, and when they are wide -. cut along the first half of the herring rolls spin toothpick, arrange on a platter and pour plum sauce well covered, put We are 1 hour in refrigerator before serving on the board. - Remove the toothpicks and garnish with lemon slices and vegetables hr /
b Herring Spicy Salad / b seafront.
Ingredients: / u
packing herring fillets in the marinade with olive oil, 4 cucumbers 2 apples 2 red onions, peas glass canning jar - 0.3 liters - the jar of pickled beets - 0.3 liters - marinated mushroom salad leaves little salt and pepper to taste / ul
u sauce: / u
1/3 cup olive oil 1/3 cup cider vinegar tsp deli mustard teaspoon granulated sugar Salt and pepper to taste / ul
u method / u
fillets, pull the paper off the excess oil and cut into strips - about 2 inches thick -. cucumbers and chop the onions and apples, beets and mushrooms - cut into cubes, add the peas and spices in mixing
desire .. To prepare the sauce, first rub with oil, vinegar and mustard until you get the consistency of light mayonnaise. Then spice sauce is a distinct taste. Pour over the salad and put in about 15 minutes in the refrigerator. Before serving on the board, we put the salad leaves and arrange them on a platter hr /
b herring in breadcrumbs / b seafront
Ingredients:. / u
8 Fresh -. so-called green - unsalted 4 herring, onions and olive oil, salt and pepper a little herb seasoning flour, eggs and bread crumbs of bread crumbing / ul
u Method / u
herring fillets, headless - obsuszamy and sprinkle with spices, and then arrange in a stone pot, fed chopped onion into rings Let stand in cool place, preferably the next day an hour before serving food on the table, remove the fillets with onions, and obsuszamy panierujemy in flour, egg shells .... and fry breadcrumbs in deep fat, red on both sides then translate to a platter and we enjoyed a warm place
fat for frying the remaining songs, flush on both sides of onion rings -. same people who are put off fillets - .. mulch them and sprinkle the entire Herring herb seasoning and garnish with greens
seafront herring contains many valuable ingredients, however, can be prepared improperly or terminated for food not only delicious, but i healthy, you need to know: / u
fat from oilseed canola or flax contains mega doses of omega-3 fatty acids - the healthiest raw, intense yellow color - Rape, under the influence of temperature and light loses its most precious values. should buy it a few days before Christmas, stored in a dark container in the refrigerator and sprinkle herring Just before serving on the board
herring in sour pickle -. marinated in vinegar, alcohol - promote acidity and discomfort of heartburn. If we can not resist the sour taste, instead of white vinegar should be added to monitor the vinegar or lemon.

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