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Methods for the hangover

. Ways hangover u can happen to anyone, especially after the New Year madness

u can happen to anyone, especially after the New Year madness KAC, it does not come into consideration, the result of drinking too much alcohol, and makes itself felt on the day after przepiciu This is an action .. acetaldehyde - a toxic substance, which is the main product of oxidation of alcohol. / u
time required for complete removal of alcohol from the body depends on many factors, including age, sex, weight, health status, and the rate of drinking and type of food.
Opatija road, many people say that the best way for a hangover is 3xC, that is: silence, darkness, and the time is worth to try all methods to help yourself Here are some of them: .. / u
alternating hot and cold shower or lying motionless with a wet towel on your head, eat something nutritious, and salt - it will support the desire - and this is the best chicken soup, onion soup, and even scrambled eggs, drink plenty of non-carbonated mineral water, drinking lemon tea and honey - ascorbic acid inactivates free radicals, and fructose are found in honey, speeds up the distribution of poisonous toxins -; drink kefir - aids the absorption of sugar, which in turn helps to complement the washing with alcohol - and water from the sauerkraut and pickles, and tomato juice - rich in potassium - or of raw sugar, the famous saying goes: What is strułeś, but it is - after przepiciu, some on foot put a small amount of alcohol drinking, but this is not the best solution for people who have the next day. I can not even look at alcohol / ul
u can take one of remedies for a hangover, such as:. / u
2 KC - regulates the metabolism of alcohol, prevents headaches, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, facial flushing and - preferably tablets before or during drinking -. Price zł/12 about 12 tablets Alka-stiff -. relieves headache Unlike aspirin, it is not so harmful to the stomach ... ok price zł/10 Gastrolit 11 tablets -. aligns the level of electrolytes in the body - prevents dehydration -. Price zł/15 about 10 bags of medicinal charcoal -. alcohol neutralizes poisons in the stomach about 8 Price zł/20 tablets Raphacholin C - .. helps the liver detoxify the body about 10 zł/30 Price dragees / ul
u event before, mildly alcoholic, remember the important principles: a. / u
not drink on an empty stomach and do not enjoy alcohol - do not hold in the mouth - 1/5 of alcohol is absorbed in the mouth, so drunk that way for much faster and does not drink alcoholic beverages through a straw - works like keeping alcohol in the mouth and do not drink too much color beverages, such as red wine, cognac, liqueur, brandy, etc. . - contain ingredients difficult to remove from the body and do not drink alcohol, carbonated beverages, beer or champagne - carbon dioxide improves their performance - and drink lots of coffee - caffeine dehydrates the body, after the event, before going to bed, it is drink two glasses of cold water and take the proper medications, eg, Alka-Prim In any case you can not use painkillers or sedatives. - mixed with alcohol can seriously damage the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system. / ul

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