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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


Top 10 Recipes for drinks

. Provisions of the 10 most popular drinks u Take advantage of our regulations and prepare your favorite drink at home

u Take advantage of our regulations and prepare your favorite drink at home, here is a list of ten most popular drinks: / u
b u first Margarita / ​​u / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
60 g 20 ml tequila 20 ml of orange liqueur, lemon juice several ice cubes in a slice of lemon salt / ul
u design / u
cocktail glass garnish cooled crust of salt and a slice of lemon shaker put ice cubes and all components - shock .. and pour into a glass
b u 2nd Malibu with milk / u / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
0.5 liters of vodka 20 g of grated coconut sweetened condensed milk, sweetened condensed milk / ul
Type u / u
dehydrated Pour vodka and leave 48 hours in a glass bowl - can be a jar - .. the condensed, sweetened and unsweetened milk is drained from the chips Pour vodka and mix
b u third Absolut Cosmoshot / u / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
40 ml Absolut Kurant vodka, lemon juice 10 ml sugar syrup 60 ml of cranberry juice ice / ul
u design / u
shaker throw a few ice cubes and add all ingredients. shock and pour into four glasses.
b seafront fourth Malibu Kamikaze / u / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
Malibu rum 1 part vodka 1 part orange liqueur lemon 0.5 parts 0.7 parts lime juice ice / ul
u design / u
shaker put ice cubes, pour in the remaining ingredients. repeatedly shake and pour into a glass of vodka.
b u fifth Manhattan / u / b seafront
Ingredients: / u 25
ml sweet vermouth 75 ml, 0.9 ml Blended Bourbon Angostura bitters Maraschino cherry ice bitter orange peel / ul
u design / u
shaker pour vermouth, whiskey, and tincture, add ice and stir gently so as not to destroy the transparency of the drink. In chilled cocktail glass to put the cherry, and decanted through a sieve rubbed cherry drink straight edge cups orange peel and squeeze a drink -. not put it in -.
b u 6th Martini / u / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
2/3 parts gin, 1/3 of the Dry Martini Vermouth 1 tablespoon orange liqueur ice / ul
design u / u
Mix all ingredients with ice and pour into cocktail glasses. garnish with olives.
b u seventh mojito / u / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
60 ml white rum 25 ml lemon juice 5 ml of bitter vodka 15 ml sugar syrup 50 ml of carbonated water 3 mint leaves slice of lemon ice / ul
u design / u
highball glass of crushed mint leaves, lime juice and pour over crushed ice floods. Shaker fill in 1/3 full with ice, pour rum, juice, liqueur, vodka .. syrup and stir for about 5 seconds, and then decanted to the previously prepared glasses to supplement the water content - TASTE -. Finally, decorate the rim with a lemon slice
b u Sex on the 8th. Beach / u / b seafront
Ingredients : / u
25 ml vodka 15 ml 15 ml peach liqueur, coconut liqueur, orange juice 40 ml cranberry juice 40 ml lime ice / ul
u design / u
all the ingredients except the lime in a shaker, add ice and vigorously shaken in a syntax emerged. tall glass put some ice cubes and pour contents of shaker. decorate the edge of eating a slice of lime BR b u 9th Blue Lagoon / u / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
40 ml vodka 15 ml lemon juice 15 ml lime ice blue Curacao / ul
u design / u
shaker throw a few ice cubes, pour the vodka, lemon juice and Curacao. After mixing, decanted shaker and pour contents into a cocktail glass with crushed ice. craft or decorate with a slice of lime particles.
b u 10 . Vanilia Sky / u / b U Ingredients: / u
20 ml vodka 10 ml Absolut Vanilia Coco Monin syrup 15 ml coffee liqueur 10 ml Monin Banana Kahluy 15 ml milk pinch of cinnamon / ul
u design / u
all ingredients, except cinnamon, mix in a shaker and then pour into a cocktail glass. drink garnish, sprinkle with cinnamon.

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