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How to fry in a wok

How to fry in a wok u frying in a wok technician present

u wok cooking techniques a little Essence of Chinese art of cooking is stir-frying or baking in the hot oil with constant stirring / U
pan to use a small amount of oil with very high ... temperatures are the best: sunflower, soybean and peanuts are not recommended to use olive oil
b u frying stir-frying technique is as follows: .. / u / b prepare all the ingredients - Do not do it during cooking, as they often have to stir fried ingredients Preheat a wok, and then distribute the oil, pouring it on the walls of the wok -. when you smoke, put the ingredients first, fry the meat, translate them into a container. and clean wok with oil remains meat - for example, gently wipe with paper towel -. maximum serving of meat, we can cook at one time is 250 g of roast meat, we make a brief interruption of stirring after cleaning the wok again with oil and fry distributed. vegetables - already cut and dried - for baking . vegetables, stir constantly breaks the wok Finally, combine all ingredients dish is served immediately after frying
seafront frying in a wok useful special, dedicated blades ... / u, which are designed to fit the curvature of the ship on which the non-stick wok with a layer of Teflon is the best knife, a wok, cast iron - wood
.. If you want to see if the vegetables are cooked properly, you can prick your vegetables at the thickest point, with a sharp instrument such as: . jaw u vegetables are cooked, if not go to the chicken, do not feel resistance / u
Working with carbon steel woks need to be careful u sour. / u, among others. lemon, orange and sauces with high content of vinegar - they can damage the protective layer on the wok a few exceptions, we can cook just about anything
carbon steel wok, wash in warm water, if possible. bamboo or plastic steel wool Duster. u we avoid strong washing dishes and do not use detergents / u which can irreversibly damage the patina on a wok carbon.
cover the wok can be useful while evaporation, burning or smoking, but can also speed up the roasting vegetables.
seafront of cheap woks hypermarkets quickly spent / u, and pose a risk at work, so you can immediately put in a solid, proven technology. The stores will also find special woks, which can be used for induction and electric kitchen - it is not possible in a typical wok -. this dish specially flattened base
insurance carbon steel wok on a long break, we need a dry paper towel, then rub with cooking oil, wrap well in several plastic bags and placed in a dry place.
u frying wok is very healthy. / u a small amount of fat and high temperatures make the correct products are frying in just a few minutes, while maintaining its original flavor and texture.

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