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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


How to choose the best bread

How to choose the best u Bread is the foundation of a healthy diet pyramid, which is why we ate bread and bread should be the best quality

u Bread is the foundation of a healthy diet pyramid, which is why we ate bread and bread should be of the highest quality so they look for when buying a / U
b u a Kaiser roll / u / b Original
should have five stars, arranged longitudinal incisions. Kajzerki are light, you should eat them in case of problems with your stomach. dough for buns made from yeast leavened wheat flour clearly, milk and fat. In such a cake created larger holes through which water evaporates faster than rye bread. Kajzerki czerstwiejÄ… quickly, but do not develop mold in them.
b U 2 baltonowski Bread / u / b
baked on sourdough with rye and wheat flour - mainly to rye. When you cut the bread, the pores must be equal, and the skin does not need to stand out .. If you cut the head falls apart, it means that the yeast was too weak to buy bread , we can get it straight from the oven - before slicing the bread must be for a few hours in a cool
b . in 3 Bread / u / b brown bread flour, which is formed grains of the field only once. This act of bran, which is the most fiber, vitamins and minerals. Bread is more valuable than white bread and fuel. good brown bread should be slightly sour taste, if you would like the smell of yeast which is baked. grain rye have more mucus than other grains, so that the dough with flour and have them half-baked form. Bread should be stored in a paper bag slightly open, as is quickly attacked by mold.
b 4 Graham / b is made with wheat flour Dr. Graham shared with the production of bran, and then add the mixture should be visible in the structure of bread, so it is worth before buying it cut in half if the bread falls apart, it means that the deception - .. light wheat bread, for which the bran can be added.
integral b 5 / b comes from a mixture of different flours, with a predominance of rye. Its dark color is due to the addition of starch syrup. integral Bread is baked in a very long time low temperature -. hence its characteristic taste and smell that bread was not too overgrown and dense cake is inserted into the mold is closed on all sides integral older the better, so be careful when buying it for a few days starch in the backpack .. after a long maturation, such as fiber, travels through the digestive tract, cleanse it of toxins -. a nice bread helps maintain shape BR b recipe for homemade bread / b
To make sour dough, mix 1 cup rye flour with 1/2 cups of flour and warm water to form a thick paste then you have to translate it in South Africa -. it should take half their volume of the jar, set in a warm place.,. three days
bake bread, mix 1 kg of flour with 4 cups warm water 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon salt and the end product Sourdough is added to dough to stand for two hours, and then u. greased mold and leave two or three hours, then bake at 180 degrees C for about 75 minutes.

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