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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


How to make the perfect hot chocolate

How to make the perfect hot chocolate u Nothing improves mood in the long winter evenings as well as drinking a glass of warming

u Nothing improves mood in the long winter nights warming as a cup of drink following recipe for the perfect hot chocolate / U
b version for kids . / B seafront
Ingredients:. / u
3/4 cup milk, 60 ml of fresh cream, 30 g of milk chocolate, a teaspoon of sugar / ul
u Method: / u
Milk and cream, pour into a saucepan and over low heat, bring to a boil then remove from heat and add the broken chocolate and sugar whole mix well and heat over low heat to dissolve sugar completely .... ready to drink pour into glasses
b version for adults / b seafront
Ingredients: / u
1/2 cup milk, 60 ml of fresh cream, 30 g dark chocolate, 50 ml vodka, egg yolk, a teaspoon of powdered sugar / ul
u Method: .. / u
milk to boil and remove from heat then add the chocolate, crushed and dissolved by heat, stirring constantly Remove from heat and add the alcohol -. mix all the time - . heat, but do not boil, then remove from heat yolk beaten with cream and sugar to be added to hot chocolate, stirring constantly drink shop ... pour into glasses
u Additional Information: / u
first for the preparation of hot drinks, you can choose the bitter - which contains 70% cocoa - bitter or milk chocolate has intense flavor, ... until the milk is sweeter and creamy - perfect for children - To get the perfect taste of a drink, it is best to combine both kinds of chocolate: a bitter and milk chocolate ratio 2:1 purchase, it is worth paying attention to composition - cacao in it should be. only add color
2 melt chocolate, use a full, whole milk more creamy texture and taste, you can also use 18 percent cream -. higher fat content in the drink can turn a dessert - the milk is added at a ratio of - Part 1 to 5 parts of milk cream - will give the cream, creamy chocolate taste
3 best supplement hot Chocolate cinnamon

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