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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


Methods of preparation of fish

Ways of Cooking Fish seafront fish cooking techniques are many.

seafront fish preparation techniques are many present top 10 / U u frying / u - .. Fish and fillets of equal size - small, you can fry a whole, more preferably filetować or cut in tone -; u rolls / u - blue fish - before baking, you can soak in the marinade or simply baked in aluminum foil -; u Cooking / u - lean fish: cod, flounder - thanks for cooking to keep it succulent -; u Mating / u - almost every kind of fish - you can use water instead of broth or wine -; u Choke / u - to a lot of fish health properties - in addition to small amounts of water can add white wine -; u grilling / u - thick meat fish: trout, perch, salmon - before grilling, soak them in the marinade -; u deep frying / u - small pieces of fish fillets - fry them in batches, so that fat is not oziębił -; u Smoking / u - very aromatic and delicious - unfortunately, in the smoke wędzarnianym there are many substances harmful to humans -; u drying / u - Lean fish: cod - Drying can take anywhere from a few to several weeks and is working properly, if you click on its thickest point, the fish will not discolor -; u eaten raw / u - sushi - tuna, trout, salmon - before preparing sushi, perhaps want to put fish in the freezer to inhibit bacterial growth -.

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