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How to make white sausage

How to make white sausage u In many homes, in the tradition of the Easter breakfast eating soup with sausage

u In many homes, in the tradition of the Easter breakfast to eat soup with sausage Here are tips on how to do it yourself / u
b Ingredients: / b

2 pounds of lard, 1.5 kg of veal or beef, 1.5 kg of poultry meat, 250 - 500 ml of water or broth, 8 cloves garlic, marjoram 5-10 g, 100 g of salt, teaspoon pepper, spoon thyme, half teaspoon of ground cumin, about 8 m thin intestine of pig intestines / ul b Buying Instructions: / b Meat
share. in two parts. veal or beef, grind three times through a fine sieve or a food processor with all the spices and chopped garlic. poultry and pork fat is passed through a sieve.
Skutrowaną veal or beef are from time to time add boiled and cooled water. or stock when mass becomes homogenous and sticky, add minced chicken and pork after thorough mixing - .. seasoned
Mincer knife and remove the filter, and we assume little oily sausage funnel to impose on him. previously soaked in water hose to put the stuffing razor
we turn the crank several times to squeeze out of the dough hopper and thus the air then tie the string hoses - .. The few inches pociętym works -.
One person turning the handle and requires charging, and the second moving block intestines and makes sure the sausage is firm and not cracked after getting the proper length belt, rope sausage przewiązujemy
raw white sausage can be kept in the refrigerator for about 48 hours, beer - .. 2 times longer. To brew white sausage, place in boiling water and keep it there for about 10 minutes, but do not boil. decoction brewing sausages can be useful for the production of homemade sour soup.
u ENJOY! / u

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