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The properties of green tea?

What is u properties of green tea Green tea is a source of health and beauty

u Green tea is a source of health and beauty - it can not just drink, but also for use on the skin of the leaves are used as an exfoliant, and green tea extract is rich in antioxidants which protect against previously. Aging Green Tea is considered a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain good health and youthful appearance / u
b properties of green tea .. / b
clears the body of toxins / u -. hangover and helps with insomnia Instead of energy drinks and coffee, it is drink green tea with lemon -. will soon forget the unpleasant consequences zakrapianej case of green tea speeds up metabolism, removes waste products and thus supporting weight loss
u inhibits the aging process / u - .. Green tea contains antioxidants that destroy free radicals that contribute to premature aging of the skin because it contains catechins are among the strongest of the existing anti-oxidants, and thus regularly drinking green tea effectively slows down the aging process
u encourages action / u - contains substances that stimulate the brain and energy, that is. Thein caffeine and a cup of green tea instantly refreshes the mind and puts on his feet ..
u increases resistance / u - Green tea protects against various diseases responsible for the catechins prevent the virus infecting healthy cells and neutralize toxins secreted by microorganisms, drinking green tea helps fight bad breath, indigestion, colds, ... and even dysentery
u improves endurance / u -. after intense physical activity, it is drink a cup of hot green tea at the time you make an additional series of repetitions, and most importantly -. tea protects against zakwasami
u beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system / u - in the green tea are the ingredients that thin the blood, thereby reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, thrombosis, stroke and myocardial infarction
u protects. diabetes / u - unsweetened green tea helps in reducing blood sugar levels and help the functioning of the pancreas , which means that more insulin decomposing sugar
u inhibit the growth of cancer / u - .. .. free radicals responsible for the development of certain cancers and catechins in green tea prevents the formation of cancer cells specifically, this potion is used for the prevention of pancreatic cancer, bowel and rectum
u addition, green tea: / u
reduces stress, and inhibits the development of caries, regulates gastric hyperacidity, helps with high blood pressure, is used for inflammation of the conjunctiva and eyelids. / ul

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