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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


How to cook steamed

How to cook steamed u Steam cooking has many advantages

u steam cooking has many advantages - .. It is a great way for those who want or need to avoid unnecessary fat products pairs retain higher levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals / U

b products for cooking / b cooking ingredients that you can choose the best quality and freshness, such as lean meat is tender seafront
In a separate container that is the first pour a little water, boiled rice u / u. Try to use brown, which contains more nutrients. Prepared by steaming the rice absorbs all the water and, therefore, retains all the valuable components.
u couple also can cook seafood / u, for example: mussels with a little wine. Cooked in a pair of their own juice, which was mixed with wine, and other additives is a delicious sauce.
b Policy cooking / b To get
floor steamer, you will also prepare more meals. Cooking is also suitable pressure cookers and woks. If someone does not have such devices, you can use a regular pot, fill with a special metal or bamboo baskets.
Cooked products can not come into contact with water - just pour a few inches. The ingredients and put in a basket lined with leaves of lettuce or cabbage, not clinging to the boat. At the lowest level
place of meat, fish and products that require a longer cooking time. Between individual councils to maintain proper spacing - this is the proper circulation of money between them, and to ensure proper and intended effect of cooking.
lid on the pot must perfectly adhere to it - it prevents the escape of steam out. They are not in accordance with this rule extends the cooking time and reduces the quality of finished products.

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