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How best to protect your computer when you access the Internet

How best to protect your computer when you access the Internet using the Internet to keep in mind the associated risks

using the Internet to keep in mind the risks
What threatens us in practice boils down to three things.
Viruses komputerowewłamanie our komputerstanie victim of fraud / ul The following
write a few basic rules Veneration of which should help ustrzeżeniu stated.
u constantly trying to renew their software / u
This is especially users of Microsoft Windows. latest version of a mechanism for automatically updating the system, which regularly checks Does the new update, and immediately begins to download.
seafront use antivirus software and keep it constantly updated their / u
Antivirus programs are also equipped with an automatic update mechanism - it is very important, because the new emerging viruses
present in the network can find a lot of free antivirus programs or those that can be used for a small fee real difference to the more expensive software is included in the price .. usually in the current and complete database of virus, configuration options, the level of system security, capacity and frequency scanning. below tips, you can find a link to a free antivirus program.
u careful what you open and install on your computer / u Lots wiursów expansion in the trivial way. as an attachment in the message e-mail items for the download page, etc. Pay attention to what they download and open Do not open attachments from unknown people Ustrzegaj you to start. files with a. com,. exe pif if i do not know what it is software.
too often on the web can be found suspicious software, resulting in the installation to run a virus on your computer.
Most risks associated website ActiveX control supports Internet Explorer While Microsofts latest version is a lot of promises - the protective measures. including and identity theft is discussed below - is worth considering the use of other browsers such as Firefox - its not the only advantage of this program in comparison to IE -.
u Phishing / u
common threat in the past Time has become a phishing scam involving personal information, credit card numbers and access information - such as bank account -.
fraud typically involves the creation of Web pages travel by institutions such as banks. This is usually done in a manner that receives the message from asking you to update your information and a link directing to the site. This site can often be willing illusions remind our bank site, have very similar or even the same address - sometimes seemingly -
to avoid such scams: a very
skeptical of received messages by email - it is a fundamental means of unsolicited advertising, viruses and other types of fraud, carefully check the address to which wchodzipomyśleć twice before they will act in accordance with these instructions - for example, policies relating to the bank uses in this area - it is rare for banks to seek registration in the bank in this way, banks have always offered SSL security certificates - should be checked each time before you can log in to your account, a certificate containing information about the institution which has been issued, information on news, etc.
banks and other institutions to publish the same information about scams and how to protect yourself against them on their website - you can check this information
/ ul
seafront Useful links / u dl dt AVG Free Edition. / dt dd free antivirus software for non-commercial users / dd dt Firefox browser / dt dd from this page you can download a free web browser Firefox / dd / dl

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