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How to move to DC + + Direct Connect Plus Plus along with all the files and settings to another computer

How to move to DC + +

you must first install the DC + + on a new computer, and then copy the file with settings that can be found on the old computer to the directory where you installed the program - of course, in the same directory on your new computer - or in which the program is installed, if you choose another location - usually
DC + + is installed in the directory C
. program FilesDC + + / em
seafront configuration files to copy: / u
DCPlusPlus.xmlQueue.xmlFavorites.xmlUsers.xml / ul
addition, to cut and copy the downloaded files should be two folders in the same directory
LogsFileLists / ul seafront Useful links / u dl dt DCPP Forum / dt dd some useful information and discussion DCPP users / dd / dl

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