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What is a cookie?

What is a cookie Cookie

Cookie - Cookie -. Are short text messages sent between server and browser web content outside the Web Typically this is done transparently to the user, although it depends on the browser - some browsers may have disabled cookies or accept also choice questions for each time a cookie is sent.
cookie can store data on your computer, a brief visitor service that can be read in a web service that made it so that the easy way Web sites are able to offer many additional features
A cookie mechanism is used, among other things.
handling mechanism logowaniaobsługi baskets in stores internetowychśledzenia users witryniezapamiętywania different parameters and personalization services / ul Using cookies does not involve any risk, even though many customers are allergic to highlight your privacy and facilities to the fact that the mechanism for tracking cookies that web sites visited by other companies - this is only possible within the pages that are in those companies, or where existing mechanisms are installed on them.

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