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What is nonECC / ECC RAM in the description is it worth to pay extra?

The non-ECC / ECC RAM in the description

u ECC / u stands for the error correcting code -. System in RAM memory that corrects errors in memory ECC memory chips are used primarily in servers, workstations and PCs that are configured for high the performance. memory modules of such systems to provide faster memory, and thus the same computer.
u non-ECC RAM / u is a simple memory chip without this system.
u RAM / u u ECC / u are more expensive than RAM non-ECC u / u buy RAM, but you must consider is whether your motherboard supports ECC. - Although this memory is supposed to work no problem, but in practice it does not give us any advantage over non-ECC memory of u / u. There is no sense in this case unnecessarily overpay.

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