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How to register / create an email account on gmail

How to register / create an email account on Gmail For some this May seem odd, but u registration with free Google mail

For some this May seem odd, but u registration with free Google mail - Gmail / u is not so easy -. Registration is now open for all
U Currently there are two ways to register gmail accounts / u:
get a call from an existing user code using Gmailzarejestrować get on the phone with Google - a link to the next tip - / ul
In the first case: every Gmail users have a certain number of call, which grows in time. invitations were sent to the e-mail, so eager to have a Gmail account has a mailbox. method boils down to finding the person who has a Gmail account and want to send an invitation.
In the second case it is possible to seafront enrollment in gmail / u with the code you received after you fill out a form on Google -. actually serve only the country of origin and phone number, unfortunately, this is now only available in several countries, among which there is no Polish. address below tips.
From such difficulties in setting up a Gmail account? Google says the problem here is to restrict access to Gmail spammer. seafront Useful Links / u dl dt Sign in Gmail / dt dd Form application is sent by SMS / dd / dl

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