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What is a CNAME record in DNS server configuration

What is a CNAME record in DNS server configuration u CNAME / u in the DNS configuration u / u is used to determine the so-called

u CNAME / u in the DNS configuration u / u is used to determine the so-called Alias ​​/ alternative name for the device address -. PC, server or other device connected to the network -.
This allows one machine to be known by many names, it also provides an opportunity to give the names associated with the functions that a computer works. We, as a computer that acts as a mail server and FTP server to provide the names of aliases ftp / em and Mail / em
record in the DNS configuration is made according to the following format:.
[alias] [TTL] in a CNAME name / IP address where
seafront alias / u - indicates an alternative name for the computer u TTL / u - u short time-to-live / u, the time during which the alias effect - generally refers to the period, after which they remained Servers should again ask for the address for an alias - u name / IP address / u - the name or IP address, for which we have created an alias / ul
entry examples:
ftp IN CNAME mail server

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