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Format date and time running programs in the crontab

. Date and time format in crontab to run Crontab u / u is a series of seafront cron / u in each row contains information about how the program should run for how long

u Crontab / u is a series of seafront cron / u in each row contains information about how the program should take the time
This information consists of. With 5 fields define the program and the execution time of the file name and path to the program should run
sample entry looks like this:
0,15,30,45 *** Mon-Fri / time / program. sh arguments
this entry program runs from Monday to Friday, no matter the hour, month and day of the month, each time the same hour, 15 after 30 after, or 45 after the hour.
term time consists of five fields separated by a space related fields to:.
minutes - 0-59-hours - 0-23 -
day of the month - month 1-31 - 1-12 or name -
day of the week - 0-7 or name - / ul
addition, you can use different values ​​of the record in certain areas, for example:
replace all values ​​separated by commas, for example, 1,3,6 months will mean starting in January, March and czerwcuokreślić ranges combining a hyphen, eg for 7-19 hours mark meant start between 7 and 19, to allow any value in an array of char *, which allows the n-th value of the field /, eg for a minute * / 2 means that every other minute, you can also apply the above provisions, including, for example. for 0-30/5 minutes will be measured every 5 minutes from the full hour and 30 minutes after the hour / ul

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