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Problems with Outlook 2000 pst file is too large

Problems with Outlook 2000

MS Outlook 2000 keeps most of the data in one file: Messages - email - contacts, calendar, notes, etc. This file is in the form of PST
Most MS Outlook 2000 users are aware of the limitations on the size. This picture to 2 GB, and sooner or later have the opportunity to encounter the problem of achieving such greatness.
b u Symptoms / u / b Outlook
usually refuses to cooperate when you try to send or receive e-mail and then the next attempt to start to succeed.
b u To ensure that this problem
/ u / b
Just check the size of PST files PST file for Windows XP can be found at the following location:
C: Documents and Settings username Local Settings Application Data Microsoft Outlook / em
Username is the name used to log on to Windows XP. If you do this will ustawialiśmy Administrator / em.
product and Local Settings / em and Application Data / ​​em are hidden folders. To get them, enter the full path above or browse the files and directories to change the settings to show hidden files folders.
change this setting by going to the menu Tools- Folder Options / em, and then select the View tab / em, and then select Show hidden files and folders / em
After reaching a certain size file folder box Outlook.pst - if its size is about 2GB, We can be confident that the problems with Outlook connected to achieving maximum size of PST files
b u Solution / u / b
to solve the problem, you will need two tools:
u Pst2gb.exe / u Scanpst.exe u / u / ul
This is the first tool we have for download from the Microsoft website - link attached - and the other is supposed to be together with Microsoft Office disk
u pst2gb / u is a program that shortens the length of the selected PST file - length. suggest 25 MB - in. way be able to recover the remaining data in the file, shortening the need to return to the work of our mail and unfortunately with the loss of our data with Outlook - but we do not have much choice
u SCANPST / u. a program that checks and repairs pst file so that Outlook can use it again.
b in Repair PST / u / b We have started to install u pst2gb / u, then run it, and then file to shorten Outlook.pst / em, which indicates Write a file named eg outlook2.pst / em
suggested that the file size should be reduced to 25 MB
After cutting the size of the program u SCANPST / u We need to find him em in the directory C: .. Program Files Common Files System MSMAPI 1045 / em
can always find it using Windows file search by name Scanpst.exe
run a program that shows the file created after dividing u pst2gb / u, the model above ..: outlook2.pst / em
We start by refusing to perform repairs
Finally we left finally got to overwrite the old file - delete Outlook.pst / em we changed the name outlook2.pst / em on Outlook.pst / em -.
b u What next and how to avoid future problems / u / b Immediately after gaining access to the mail you should try to remove all unnecessary messages - otherwise we risk repeating the above operation
What to pay attention to issues not potwórzyły.
Opatija road are empty deleted items / u - often forget to empty the trash, it is unnecessary przestrzeńzastanów to have all messages sent on the seafront of elements / u u not all the messages you need / u - Do not hold to the principle of all messages you receive, delete everything that is not an option potrzebnekorzystaj u archiving / u, archiving settings, see the menu Outlook Tools- Options / em, card Other / em. Archiving involves the transmission of messages over a predetermined period of time in a separate PST file, PST file, so that we use do not fill u Compact PST file / u - occasionally compact file allows you to recover a large area, make the right mouse button to select the Personal Folders folder / em in Outlook, select Folder Properties / em, and then click Advanced / em, and then click Compact / em / ul Please be aware that more than 1 GB PST file has adversely affected the performance of Outlook -. everything on your computer, you can begin to act more slowly when using the program
/ em seafront Useful links / u dl dt PST2GB / dt dd program to reduce the PST file that exceeds 2GB from Microsoft / dd / dl

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