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How to remove duplicate calendar events in Outlook / Google Calendar

How to remove duplicate calendar events in Outlook / Google Calendar, a common problem occurs when you synchronize u / u is to create a duplicate event u / u

common problem occurs when you synchronize u / u is to create a duplicate event u / u This is what happens when two-way synchronization, for example, if you synchronize your calendar with a calendar on your mobile phone. and synchronization software for copying events from PC to phone and on the other side -. from phone to computer
If all goes well you should synchronize the software to know which elements of the individual devices of the same events, and what changes should be. introduced
unfortunately not always the case, and we usually encounter problems after a software update - phone / mobile phone / computer - or to a new device, which was previously przekopiowaliśmy data from the old machine
problems. obviously in such a way to Opatija road all the events are duplicated, and we see them in all the calendars twice / u. Another problem seems to set reminders, which can also run twice. not difficult to imagine the possibility of multiplication of events in the next sync problem - every time When we came to our calendar, as well as many events
is surprising that the most popular calendar applications -. including web applications - u not offer any solution to delete these duplicates / u
. u What to do in this situation? / u
b Important notes at the beginning / b sync the new device / application with the current calendar, you should back up your calendar. it can either copy the files from the calendar or use the Export the command. So, if all goes very wrong, you can always go back to your starting point, but at least we do not lose your calendar.
If you have not done a backup before, and met. problem of duplicate events - back up as soon as possible, because a better calendar of events with double desperation after all data is lost
All cleaning methods described seafront duplicate event / u is best to perform the following:
Off Clean Dual synchronization of events in one of the selected applications / devices
will remove all calendar events that are on other devices / applications - those who want to align with each other - Go back
synchronization, but not least: U all the described methods are used at your own risk! / u
b simple and long-term solution
/ b One solution is, of course, manually delete all the doubles events. However, if you encounter a calendar for a long time, it can be very time consuming and frustrating job.
b advanced faster / b Another way to try out some programs for processing the calendar - such as Outlook, Thunderbird - to perform the entire calendar to a file as CSV - comma separated values ​​- manually edit the file and then import that file back on the calendar
procedure is as follows:
. calendar export to a CSV file, open the file using Excel or plain text editor, manually remove all the duplicate events and save the file, make a backup copy of our calendar, we can delete all the events in our calendar, we introduce a change in the CSV file. / ul
similar to the previous method with a small difference that is convenient and takes much less time - provided that our calendar does not consist of several events on the cross -. Remember earlier synchronization is turned off and deleted all events from other calendars to be synchronized. BR b software to remove duplicate
/ b Network Fortunately, you can find programs that will enable us to solve the problem quickly and safely, but unfortunately for most of them have to pay.
Each of these programs is usually a specific calendar software like iCal or MS Outlook. Fix calendar is usually the way that the program identifies and removes the double event calendar supported by the program, and calendar sync, remove the double event of other devices - and the best when we remove all previous events in other calendars -.
u ODIR - Outlook Duplicate Items Remover / u
One of the better and more importantly u FREE / u programs that can solve the problem if you use MS Outlook seafront / u is u Outlook Duplicate Remover point / u. program not only to deal with duplicates in the calendar of events, but it allows you to fix similar problems in other MS Outlook folders, eg to remove duplicate records, two tasks, double messages, etc.
Link page where you can download this program under the tip.
When you install Outlook on the menu there is an additional item called ODIR, which contains only one command: Remove duplicate items
When you start the program asks you to select the directory from which the seafront you want to remove duplicate elements . / u Select the directory to our calendar, click the Remove duplicate items and it is only at the end of the calendar sync with Outlook and the problem solved
b Mixed methods - ... Google Calendar, calendars and other network / b If you
used for the calendar application you can not find a program that will fix everything quickly, the matter has not yet lost. First of all, find a program for supporting the calendar for which you are able to find a tool to remove duplicates or by which know how to handle duplicate events Export calendar used by itself in a form which you can import into the program supports iCal calendars Most format - ... ICS - If you do not try to synchronize your calendar program found - that you have a tool to remove duplicates - Once You find your calendar program - removing duplicates and use export / import to copy the program you use on a daily basis lulb and synchronization - all out of the event -.
For example, if you have a problem with double events in the calendar seafront Google - Google Calendar - / u, you can deal with using MS Outlook as well as mentioning u ODIR / u - Outlook Duplicate Remover point -
To do this. ODIR Installation Make sure that your calendar in MS Outlook is completely empty: Install the program to synchronize Outlook calendar with Google Calendar - link to registration under the advice - Start to sync Outlook calendar with Google calendar, and options, make sure that he was involved in two-way synchronization of calendar synchronization when full synchronization delete duplicate events using calendar synchronization ODIR and enjoy all the solved problem
wish good luck! u Recommend site / u dl dt ODIR - Outlook Duplicate Items Remover / dt dd removal program Duplicates - including events, notes, tasks and contacts - in Microsoft Outlook / dd Google Calendar Sync dt / dt dd program to sync google calendars with MS Outlook / dd / dl

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