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Backup why? Make a backup of your files


Mostly seafront backups / u when it should not mourn the loss of important files to tell us that you do not appreciate until you lose or column is wise after the event can be painful for us is true, if not in any How do we ensure adequate protection of data are important to us.
b Why Backup / b backup is necessary, because our data is ever completely secure Among the most important reasons are:
hard drives and other devices are failures, I May be robbed or lose your device on our data - phone, laptop, hard drive - you can lose your data due to error or mistake. others, such as accidentally deleting or overwriting data, loss of data caused by an act of computer viruses and other random events: accidental release of a computer, pouring coffee is the effect of frost, lightning will burn your computer, fire, etc., etc. / ul
Despite appearances, these accidents occur very often, and recover the data very expensive or even impossible. u Backup significantly reduces the risk of data loss. / u b Buying What is the backup. / b u
Backup / u to make a copy of our files and settings in a safe carrier medium can be a separate hard drive, CD / DVD or other devices - it is essential that the copy is formed in a different medium than the one from which we use every day - where the backup files that u / u - .
u making backup / u is not an act - U backup / u should do regularly have a pristine copy of all files that have now come into our possession
u Backup / in does not include the entire contents of the hard disk, or phone -. just keep a copy of our most important files and directories, as well as travel pictures, Word documents and Excel, and favorite Web addresses, or download via e-mail
available on the market there are plenty of programs -. both commercial and free software to make the entire backup process u / u With just a cliché software, you can choose exactly which directories should be subject to backup u / u and set the frequency, so that the entire process is automated These programs also allow you to save space - .. by applications such as differential backups u / u or incremental u / u -., as well as easy recovery of data in time when we lose files hr /
It should realize that u backup is important not only for businesses or government institutions / u, but also at home. More and more use of computers to store them on your vacation pictures, videos of their childs first steps or electronic copies of various documents. naive to rely on the belief that our computer will be fine.

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