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Phone number in order to move to another provider?

Phone number

Of July 6, 2009, greatly simplified the procedure to change operators while retaining the old number today is a free service
we can transfer the number of operators who provide number portability in this regard, there are some limitations under ... brands belonging to the same operator, such as account number portability Simplus for registration under PlusGSM conducted in accordance with procedures established by the operator
operator does not matter with which we are now - we can transfer the phone number and signed by the signing of agreements and services, as well as pre -Paid - Phone Card - ..
u In the event that a subscriber / u It is good to make sure the conditions for the termination of the contract with the operator if the signing of contracts purchased in the promotion, camera phone, are usually associated with the operator for a specified time and breaking the contract involves the payment of liquidated damages. In this situation it is better to wait for the transfer of the end of the contract.
u If you use a phone card / u - pre-paid -. necessary condition for transfer of a registration number, your name in the current operator if you have not done before the start of number portability must first register
b. Transfer number to another operator - step by step / b porting process is reduced to the following steps: selecting a new operator applying for porting to a new operator terminated the existing contract with simultaneous proposal to transfer the number. new service contract with the new operator
first choice of new operators
First of all, we must choose an operator that provides service portability If a new operator
We do not offer that option, or we like to do some things ourselves, we must go to the previous operator and independently make a termination agreement with the proposal to transfer the number to the new operator.
Number Portability is the date of termination of the contract with the current operator and the explicit request of the customer number portability must be done within one working day from the date of the contract with new suppliers.
It is important to note that, in practice this may mean u prevents your number when you move / u, that the rules should not last longer than 24 hours.
fourth signing of the agreement with the new operator
Of course, if you have not done before the simplification of formalities, the contract for the provision of telecommunications services with the new operator shall sign the receipt from the previous operator. permission for the transfer of the signing of the contract at the beginning of the usual two important advantages:
whole process easier and faster - just visit the new operator and we do it only once, operators on number portability time offer us so. temporary number, which May be necessary for us during the process of transferring software, which automatically takes over our old number at the end of the process. / Ul
Why should I move number?
advantage to offer more tailored to our needs to pay less bills to take advantage of exciting promotions offered by other operators to take advantage of special promotions offered to new customers moving code Porting is free / ul
Key facts about number portability the new operator:
u move to prepaid service / u - phone cards - we have this number to register the name with our current services, do not forget seafront contractual penalties / u in conjunction with early termination of the contract to the donor operator - u check the contract before / u seafront most operators sparing customers from all formalities / u number portability - only one visit with a personal identification card and sign the relevant application, and a contract attorney, u new operator has 6 hours to process / u personally filed for Porting and 3 working days to process a request submitted in any other way, u number portability is / u from the date of termination agreement with the previous operator seafront at the express request of subscribers / u transfer occurs within 1 working day contract with the assigned number. / Ul

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