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How to create a blog

How to create a blog excellent form of entertainment and contact with people, and way of doing business and making money

Great form of entertainment and contact with people, and way of doing business and making money, but what exactly is a blog and how to deal
b What is a blog /? B
blog can be a form of personal diary, which is stated on the website of a social character. contains different types of entries, thoughts, comments, pictures or images that depict the life and way of looking at the owner of the blog world.
There are also thematic blogs different spheres of life - for example, finance and stock exchange or travel the world - which are usually a few authors have a good choice for those who want to exchange opinions on a particular topic or expand their knowledge
.. blogs are professional, among others: that Earn money
b How to create a blog / b
first service that you want to publish your blog here .. some of the many suggestions:,, ,,,,, second, consider why actually serve your blog, and what youll do it, the third, remember that blogging requires time and dedication to do it regularly, the fourth sign one of the selected sites to be able to log in and create your own entries, fifth, create your own blog name and select each template, the sixth -. choosing the right keywords for each post, so you can easily find in your browser / ul
amateurs to create records, poems, comments and images must have a regular, free account
. If you want to have a professional blog and be fully responsible for its content, you must purchase your own domain. This is quite an expensive option, but Ill confirm the serious approach to what you are doing and the opportunity to convince themselves more Internet users.
Generalnie running blogs that deal with people different from ourselves in every way: a gender, age, education or occupation permanently Blog added to our culture, a simple, personal comments, as well as educational articles and comments give us a wealth of knowledge about the world and people ..

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