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How to extend battery life

. How to extend battery life u battery in the computer or the phone is the time of consumption, resulting in a shorter duration of action

u battery in the computer or the phone is the time of consumption, resulting in a shorter duration of action following a few rules, but we can take care of your good health for a long time / u
devices can. . meet different types of batteries: Most new equipment uses modern lithium-ion battery - Li-Ion - or Li-Poly - Li-Po - and the older models can be found nickel-cadmium battery - NiCd - and nickel-metal hydride battery - NiMH - . Before you follow the advice below is good to know that the battery is in our device, because there are fundamental differences between them, but you should take into account that the market there are new versions of the batteries, which can have different characteristics.
b Batteryformation / b The main difference is primarily related to the formation u Battery / u, sometimes also called format batteries. In the recent formation of the battery is not necessary, sometimes it can be suggested by the manufacturer as a process that We carried out from time to time. Perform monthly cycle to fully discharge and recharge the device should lead to a slowdown in consumer batteries.
If an older battery u formation is required / u. After purchasing the machine to perform the desired 2 - 3 cycles of full discharge and charge the device, which should contribute to longer battery life and long life. It is advisable to repeat this procedure once a month.
b When the device is turned off / b When the Battery does not use the battery charge level falls, the fastest in the early days, but in practice few months empty battery to zero. buy a computer or putting it in a while we need not wonder that the battery level is low.
It is not leave the battery drain, it is very detrimental to her life. If you know that while you use your computer or phone, charge the battery before. For most of the new battery will be advantageous for battery charging at a level of 40-60% and store in a cool place.
b Filling / b
Most new devices after reaching full charge it will automatically stop the charge, and therefore does not remove power u not represent a danger for battery / u. recommended to charge the battery in order to achieve a full charge, which is usually communicated to the device.
It is important to use the proven power of the original brand.
quite commonly seen in practice u disconnecting the battery from the computer while running on electricity / u , which aims to conserve battery power. In practice, only one condition for this procedure: lithium-ion batteries irreversibly lose the ability to more quickly at higher temperatures, and current devices can heat up
lithium-ion battery, loss of life is slower at low temperatures and half-charged battery - typical. battery will lose 2 percent of annual capacity at 0 degrees Celsius, 4% at 25 degrees - and the quickest full charge and high temperatures - typical battery loses 20 percent of capacity a year at 25 degrees Celsius, and 30 - 40th% at 40 degrees -
conclusions can be drawn from this is:
if you know not to do on a computer connected to the mains, it is best to drain the battery to the level of 40-60 percent, then remove and store Therefore, batteries are not usually covered by extended warranty of 1 year and over time provide a shorter and shorter working hours.
launch of the newer types of batteries, and each has its own characteristics, it is worth checking even if the user starting the unit. This advice is written primarily for todays most popular lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer.

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