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What to do when a child is dependent on the computer

What to do when a child is dependent on computer u Computer / u can be an inexhaustible source of joy, but also cause many dangerous situations and problems

u Computers / u can be an inexhaustible source of joy, but also cause many dangerous situations and problems especially when it comes to the youngest users wear a long time on the computer can lead to worsening health, mental and interpersonal relationships is therefore important to observe the child, and talk to impose certain rules and restrictions
b first symptoms of addiction to the computer: .. / b
need to use a computer / internet for a long time - even and pointless Markotność and depression due to the inability to use computers / internet neglect of science and all forms of activity for a long time spending on the computer does not take the time to meet friends, and even eat a meal because of computer / Internet cheating and looking for excuses to continue using the computer / Internet / ul
b consequences depending on the computer: / b
general deterioration of health of a child - back pain, increase grip, hyperactivity, eye fatigue, vision, difficulty sleeping, irritability skin changes in the psyche of a child -. mood swings, poor concentration and logical thinking, hierarchy of values ​​disturbance impacts. escape from the real world, wonder and excitement which resulted in the virtual world experience, affective disorder with the closest ties, limited contact with their peers, lack of interest was not related to computers and the Internet. / ul
b What do you do to a child uzależniło PC / b Parents first must clearly define how long a child can spend on the computer and the You can use websites - 1-3 hours a day, depending on the maximum age is enough -. Young children usually need the help of parents, older and should know the rules about how to use the internet.
should take care of a child not to neglect or abandon primarily from food, but also to play, move to fresh air, meet friends or sleep in. advantage of computer games or the Internet Parents must require compliance with the rules and responsibilities if the child is a little lesson,. to clean his room, took the dog for a walk, etc. , then you will be able to use computers / internet access for a specified period of time mentors must organize children. time in such a way that is at least thinking about the computer and the Internet. Of course, the computer is indispensable in modern times for learning and fun, but one must be able to benefit in a reasonable manner. Therefore, in my spare time with the child should have fun, discuss .., more attention, go for a walk or swim, to distract them from the virtual world your child is not receiving a good example of parents who spend the whole afternoon watching TV / ul
2 There are numerous computer programs - also for free download by the manufacturer - used for parental control, which are very useful for this clear and easy to use These include:.
Guardian 2.0. 0703 - this is one of the best of its type. Polish software prevents access to sites containing pornography, violence, sectarian activities program saves the page is opened by a child and also controls the time using the Internet In addition, IM Lock provides e-mail Benjamin 3,0 -. following .. websites for access to undesirable content if the program determines that a party should not be shown, then blocking such sites, and a message to Naomi 03/02/90 - .. designed for the youngest, is used to filter unwanted web sites on the Internet control of the opening services. and prevents viewing content ... pornographic, gambling, drugs, terrorism and violence, the Guardian Student 2.5 - a program that is used for overall control of the child on the computer has functions of control and turn off instant messaging, SMS Gateways, chat rooms or porn sites, but this can be controlled by software provided by the user and the time spent at the computer. / ul
3 seems to be the simplest way to solve problems is to disable or suspend the online service or not buy a child a computer. However, this method can not completely protect children from harm and addiction to the computer because of the universality and general accessibility equipment.
u What to do if a child is dependent computer / u
need for municipalities to computer can be a dangerous force, like any other addiction. If you can not help loved ones, then you should contact a counselor or therapist to establish a diagnosis and discuss a possible therapy.
If you suspect your child may be addicted to computer or struggle with this problem for some time, check out this website, youll find there information about where and to whom you can ask for a professional, specialist help. www. www. / ul

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