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How to make a footnote in Word

How to make a footnote in Word If you have trouble taking notes in Word See our tips for creating footnotes

got a problem with taking notes in Word See our tips for creating footnotes
footnotes and end consist of two interrelated components, ie, refers to the footnotes and text note
? .. Br u MS Word / u automatically numbered footnotes following identification numbering scheme. can set a model in the whole document or different patterns in each section.
u Insert footnotes in Word, step by step: / in 1
print layout view, click where you want to insert the note reference mark
other on the References tab in the group notes. click Insert, or noting mark INSERT Note You can also use the keyboard shortcut to insert a footnote to press Ctrl + Alt + J, while in the case of a footnote. Ctrl + Alt + D. By default, Word places footnotes at the bottom of each page, and end notes - at the end of the document
u modification of footnotes in MS Word. / u
If you want to change the form of footnotes or end - clicking the label launch window box - notes and then do one of the following: 1
Number format box, click the shape
else if you want to use custom code in place of traditional format, select the symbol. and then the marker from the available symbols. third
click on the Insert tab. fourth
type the note.
fifth Double-click the footnote number or end, and return to the reference marks in the document
in footnote numbering in Word format change .. / u
first place the insertion point in the district in which the note format will change if the document is not divided into sections, place the insertion point anywhere in the document.
second click on the References tab in the dialog and note note.
third option open end of the text or footnotes.
4 Number format box, click the option fifth
click on the Apply command
u Make notes continued footnotes in MS Word .. / u If
footnote is too long to fit on the page, you can create a note to follow, which will inform about the fact that the footnote is continued on the next page you can do the following:. first
Click the View tab, and then click Draft.
other on the References tab in the group, click SHOW footnotes footnotes. third
click SHOW SPACE footnotes or notes area shown
END and confirm by pressing OK.
fourth in the list pane, click Notes Note Note Note Note the continuation or continuation.
5 footnote text window type.
u Remove footnotes in MS Word. / u
first remove scrap work impacts on the label than a footnote in the document window
else in the document set to mark references Note that you want to delete and press DELETE.
third when the note reference mark will be removed, Word automatically updates the labels for the appeal and footnotes end of the text.

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