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How to fix scratched disk

How to fix scratched disc scratched discs may restrict or completely prevent the reproduction of the content

scratched discs may restrict or completely prevent the reproduction of content It is, however, it is possible to solve the problem with professional equipment and kits designed for cleaning cracks and simpler ways home
u first hot water .. and alcohol / u
scratched disc is under hot running water and rinse the dust If the stains are harder, use a mild detergent -. eg, soap, washing dishes -.
you can try to clean the plate clean spirit but remember that it is not used in combination with other substances.
After thorough washing plates should be left to dry. In any case, do not expose it to sunlight or dry as a towel.
u second toothpaste / u
For shallow cracks May want to use whitening toothpaste or Brasso brass cleaner called. On a piece of soft cloth, apply a bit of preparation and gently rub it on the plate. direction of cleaning is always the same, and it is the center of the disc to the top .
u third Wax / u
can use liquid wax or petroleum jelly. Apply a thin layer on the disk and eventually remove the excess with a soft cloth. Before applying wax to read the manual instructions on the bottle.
u fourth banana / u
fruit cut in half lengthwise and spread flat surface of the damaged panel. Wait a moment and gently clean it.
u fifth drive cleaning kit and scratch CD / DVD / u
stationary and online stores you can buy special kits and equipment for cleaning lasers, and scratched discs. prices these kits start at about 10 zl.
u sixth disc regeneration machine / u
might ask in a computer store or the music. opportunity to regenerate damaged disc professional machine can drive back to its original condition, even if it destroys If you would like to purchase this machine is still having a relatively high price -. from several hundred to several thousand -.
Before beginning repairs on your own board to be aware of several important principles. / u

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