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How to add and delete the picture of the FC

How to add and remove image in NK Our class is very popular social networking sites in Poland

Our class is very popular social networking sites in Poland It was here that we are able to find friends from school years and beyond, thanks to the members zamieszczanym photos If you want to create their own galleries should know how to add pictures here .. a few tips: Adding pictures
u / u
To add a photo to the album, go to the Profile tab, then click the Add link files - this option is available on the Tools menu to view the gallery You will be redirected to the site. Add your photos. If the picture is located in an existing album, the album on the site, select the appropriate album. If you want to add a photo to the album, in the new album we give a name for the new album.
Up to gallery images can be created 50 albums
u size image / u
images that are posted on the FC must meet certain requirements as follows: weight of the image should not exceed 0.6 MB - that is, 614, 4 KB. -; ... 1500 pixels width / height of 1200 pixels
If you want to check how many files have to click the right mouse button and select Properties - displays information about the image size -
photos can be cut free and easy to use programs such as:. PhotoFiltre
seafront thumbnail albums / u
To set a picture album, go to the Tools menu and select Edit Picture to move the selected photo sites and photo editing. select Set as a frame records. To approve clicking on Save.
u Deleting pictures / u
you want to delete the image to go to the Tools menu and select Delete image file. To effectively manage the images should be included to edit mode, and then to edit each photo album will be marked as DELETE option X. Removing
seafront album / u
To delete an album, first make sure that they are not there any photos - If so, you must remove them after removing all files in the selected album Turn editing on the album there are two icons: ..... pen and cross Click on the cross and remove the album You can not delete default created a major increase in photo album
Opatija road transfer / u
If you want to increase the transfer of photos we have to go to the payment page and select the payment method. increased limit will be 10 MB, and it will be possible to use in a given time. This is the largest amount of data sent in a month . And with the right tools, you can control over who has access to information about you
seafront assigned on Twitter / u
Everyone -. status updates and information that users want to make many people
Friends friends - pictures and videos and content, which is usually available on Facebook
just friends - all your contact information and content important to the people with whom you can contact the
seafront look of your profile a friend / u
Go to Privacy Settings Click the Customize settings in the lower part of Sharing on Facebook, click Preview on my profile in the upper right corner of the page to restrict the group of people able to access some of its contents account, create a friends list of friends with these people board can edit an existing list of friends, and create new ones the same steps can be performed on Edit Friends / ul
After creating a list of friends: housewife.
Go to information on the profile privacy settings, click Customize on the menu next to the settings for the content, which limits the window appears, some part will be visible, enter the name of a group of friends Click Save Settings / ul
u blocked lists / u Thank
This feature allows you to block certain people the opportunity to communicate and display information about you posted on Facebook. In addition, you can specify which call for the application should be disregarded, and to see a list of programs that had been denied access to information about you.
u Public Search / u
setting is available on the applications and determines whether the people who sign their name in the search, see the preview of your Facebook profile. You can also specify whether all the information you provide will appear on the site and beyond.
seafront applications and web pages / u
In this section you can specify access to clients and applications, including search engines. You can view applications, remove it does not use or off the platform. of course not be able to continue using these applications and sites, but Facebook will not provide information about you.
seafront materials in which you highlight / u
This section allows you to control who sees the photos and videos in which he indicated. owner may make photos of them foreigners. So, if you do not want to be labeled, you should immediately remove the tag from a photo or video. This will prevent this information in your profile. Br u protection of minors / u
Facebook really cares about the privacy of underage users. Persons under 18 are not made public profile and visibility of information is limited to friends and networks, even if they do. All settings are the exception data for the search and make contact: name, gender, user name, network and profile pictures - visible to everyone
u ads / u
Facebook does not allow. advertisers, your personal information. Specify the target group is advertising anonymously. If you set it to advertisers based on the demographic conditions, the service automatically matches ads to the right audience. Advertisers receive reports of anonymous data.

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