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How to extract RAR file

How to extract RAR file RAR u / u is a collection of files stored in compressed form

u rar file / u is a collection of files stored in a compressed form of his name comes from the file name that is what happens Rar to extract any data, use one of the programs that targeted in particular. to work with RAR files
so proceed as follows: from the Internet right compression programs like ZIP files. WinRAR and install on your PC Now we can extract the downloaded files downloaded RAR file format is opened by double clicking on its icon .. We will open WinRAR window, where our task will be to determine the destination folder for the extracted files First, create a new folder for them or to software to perform this operation, then click on the icon extract - Extract to .. - or enter the commands tab and select Extract possibility of their choice. perform various operations will open a window, then select Options TRACK extraction. If the file is corrupt or incomplete, select Keep broken files. then approved by clicking on OK. Close WinRAR and navigate to the directory where the derived files are ready to display or installation.
u WinRAR / u is very helpful in organizing compressed files. application lets you not only save disk space, but also to minimize the costs of Internet broadcasts and working hours.
In that u WinRAR / u supports all popular compression formats, and operates in the following systems: Windows Vista 32-bit Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 9x, Windows 2000 This will open a window from which you can select individual images stored on your computer. Figure we can do it via webcam is connected, then the option wybiramy take a picture and click on Save Image.
u Add photos to album / u
When you log on to facebook select files - the link is on the left side of the photo profiled. Then click on the + Upload photo at the top of the page and enter the Create Album option. You will be moved to a window where you can view pictures stored on your computer. Select one or multiple photos, hold down the CTRL key. Choose pictures that interest us and we want to add to your album, and then click Send. You can also use facebook tips and try the simple summation PHOTOS - available in the same dialog box.
But before you create and save your photo album, we first have to enter some information such as album name, location - location - and your privacy settings or who will be able to see our pictures. When will fill all information, select Create Album.
If you want to add pictures in high resolution, while making the album, you should choose a high resolution. All people will be able to see your pictures in high definition, will have the option to download click to download in high resolution.
u Add photos from your mobile phone / u
You can also add pictures from your phone. To do this, enter the card image and select photos from your phone. Then follow the instructions.

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