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5 Things you should never put on facebook

5 things you should never put on facebook Facebook u / u is a social networking site allows you to interact with others and share information with them

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Facebook / b is a social networking site allows you to interact with others and share information with them is not always publish accurate information about yourself and private photos is definitely for you
privacy settings give you choice and control over shared information. Thanks to specify who can view your profile and contact you directly. Remember, the more data than you need a bigger threat to your privacy. The details, therefore you should not put on facebook?
u birth date, your and your children / u
your date of birth will be invisible to other users when you edit your profile, BASIS card to expand the arrow next to the date of birth and choose not to show my birthday in my profile. In addition, filling field in the PERSON Display card, so you edit your profile, and to provide greater security for their children without selecting their dates of birth.
u pregnant / u
so that other users do not know whether you are engaged , divorced, or living in an open relationship - do not fill out the fields in the card after the display state of the people, by editing your profile
third u Your Current Location / u No
. do not know if your residential address in the Basics tab in editing your profile and leave unattended in the field. current city of residence and family addition CONTACT tab to omit the exact address of residence and neighborhood, which is now
. u 4th Information that you are alone at home / u
praise on the Internet that you are now alone in the house, or most of the time you spend alone -. someone could try to use it to edit your profile, the primary card by completing the fields until about me, do not provide such information.
seafront fifth pictures of your children
/ u
sometimes feel like everyone is proud of the photos of their children. If nothing else, they should look friendly people who share only. To enroll in the privacy settings tab, and then Profile information. choose photo albums and click Edit Settings. Youll see all the albums that each of you can set the degree of privacy or exclude a person from access to certain albums
seafront Additional tips to keep in mind. / u letters blocked can block certain users from accessing your information and contact you add to friends list only those persons who are well. know and can trust. Keep in mind that any newly adopted person to a group of friends sharing information about yourself and private photos. control over whether to add a post will help you decide who can see your posts before publishing any item, click on the lock icon. Public Search you can also specify whether the content is accessible to all users will see on the site and beyond. agreeing the processing of personal data, pay attention to what they accept. Any agreement should clearly state the purpose for which you will use your personal information.

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