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What to do when the phone is dropped into the water?

? What do you do when your phone falls into water u moment of inattention, and this happened phone landed in a pool, bathtub or toilet bowl

u moment of inattention, and this happened phone landed in a pool, bathtub or toilet, what do you do when launching the camera does not give any signs of life / u
seafront. Resuscitation in the phone, Step by step: / u
open the phone and remove the battery and SIM card, then wipe with a soft cloth or cotton, wool, seal the camera at first - the screen, keyboard, speakers and more - and thoroughly rinsed with water distilled water , then it is worth every element of the alcohol wipe to remove dirt and prevent the action of water, put the phone to dry in warm - not hot - place for about two days, after drying clamshell phone and charge the battery - if it is good quality, should be given to revive, try to run the camera / ul
u is likely that the phone will revive after such surgery, but if our efforts go to waste, you should seek specialist or start looking for a new camera ... / u

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