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How to remove a person with friends on Facebook Account

How do I remove someone from your friends on your Facebook account u you can remove someone from your friends list on Facebook, but I do not know how to do this, we advise you to quickly carry out this operation?

u you remove someone from your friends list on Facebook, but I do not know how to do this, we advise you to quickly carry out this operation / U
b. Method # 1 / b
Facebook Facebook Go to my account u / u - in the top right corner of the page - Go to the seafront friends / u - youre in Category u Find Friends / u Click on categories u all friends / u - drop-down list in the seafront friends / u, just above the window u Find Friends / u - This way youll see all your friends and find groups that belong to the person you want to delete from the list of friends here your name your friends X - click in the window when it asks if you want to delete the user from friends list click on u To / u -. job done, the individual disappears from the friends list
b method number 2 / b to find the person you want removed from the list of your friends on top of the page you will find the card u Profile / u - click on the panel on the left side of the box with a label in Friends / u Click on the link u. Show all / u Then in the search window, type the name of the person you wish to delete from the list of your friends on Facebook Click on the name of a friend Scroll down the page in the left corner, select u Remove from friends / u When the window appears to confirm - click u Remove from friends / u are removed from the list, click OK u / u and close the window if you do , will close after. seconds
b more information. / b
Although the removal of persons from the list of friends, he will have access to their comments in a speech to the posts of your friends are also common. You see .. your comments can block a person to contact you to do this, click on the collaborative relationship seafront Users / u This person is not able to find your profile in search of -. think it will not be logged - check the settings - Accommodation Removed and blocked buddy will not be visible to you, but you still have contact with him, for example through the game Remember that friend is a temporary blockage - ... This option may be some time off, however, if you wanted to get back deleted user to a group of your friends, you will need to send it again to confirm the invitation to your friends. very easy to add friends to your list, a little harder to get rid of them. Keep in mind that in the future, when accepted an invitation to your friends. / ul

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