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How to find friends on Facebook

How to find friends on Facebook u on Facebook, as well as registered users, we can share with other people, news, photos and video

u On Facebook, as well as registered users, we can share with other people, news, pictures and videos You can search for friends and add them to your list of how to do it here hint
. / u
Facebook allows us to search for friends in several different ways:
u The e-mail / u
After logging in to the web site, enter the card search friends - Top right -. There is a window to our e-mail address and asks for the password to your email account. Enter password and confirm by clicking on the tab below the search friends. They will appear at all the posts that are in our address book. Select a specific person, or all users, and we confirm that we want to join the ranks of our friends. Facebook sends to those who ask and look forward to confirm that you want to be our friends.
u by name, school name or company / u
After you click on the Search tab of friends go to the bottom, where the category OTHER TOOLS - this got us search window with two links: Add a file with contacts, Find friends, colleagues and associates.
when you click on the link window pops up with a proposal Call list in Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows. Click the button below to find my friends contact list in Windows. If you seek security, and then Run - or approval -. Wait a minute, because finding friends can take few minutes can add your contacts to find out who our friends are already on Facebook
If you click on the link .. 2 window with the following search fields.
hometown, residence, school, college, employer / ul
So we have the opportunity to search friends from his hometown, work or school / university
u via IM / u
As our mailing list e-mail, you can search for friends in your list contacts with our message, such as:. Windows Live Messenger, We have, of course, enter your e-mail address and password to import your contacts.
u Suggestions Forum / u
PROPOSED function is automatically and often the person who does not know or do not want to have to add to their list of Facebook friends give us a proposal on the basis of: a network ... where we belong, information about education and work, mutual friends, contacts and other factors on Facebook, but never send invitations for a group of friends appear in the list of those proposals can be viewed on the home page, friends, information for new users on the site and the site. For more suggestions, click on the link to show all.

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