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How to permanently delete a Facebook account

How to delete facebook account permanently u permanently remove the account on Facebook is deleting all data

u permanently remove the account on Facebook is deleting all data If you want to return to service in the future, you will need to create an entirely new account / u
If a decision has been made and the account you want to remove .. we always have a point by point, do the following:
u first enter the site / u and sign up as usual
u second . Then, copy the following link: / u ~ = ~ HEAD Dobje and paste it into your browser address bar
u third window with information.: / u
delete my account
If you believe that you will use Facebook and want to delete your account, we can take care of it Keep in mind that you can activate your account, or select any of the content . There, he added. If you want to continue to delete the account, click Send.
If you are confident in their decisions, seafront click Send. / u
u fourth then another window will appear , this time with a clear - he said in the red - asks. / u
want to permanently delete your account Are you sure
u and asked to confirm the password: / u If
yes, fill in the following
Password: .............
... security mechanism, which is to prescribe a particular frame, the words that appear in the image after a successful entry, in click / u
u fifth Once approved, we will see a new window, informing us the principle of correcting Facebook account: / u
Delete account permanently
your account with this site and the will eventually be removed off after 14 days. If you sign up for the next 14 days, you will have the option to cancel your request.
u Click on OK and youre done. / u
After the above steps , our account will be suspended on Facebook for a period of 14 days. If you do rozmyƛlimy at this point, the account will be permanently removed and the information that you receive an e-mail address.

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