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How to create a company profile on Facebook

How to create a company profile on Facebook seafront Companies that want to reach the largest group of customers, create a profile on Facebook

Companies that want to reach the largest group of customers create their own profiles on Facebook After such an account can have many benefits, provided that the following points / U
. In Strategy Action / u
To succeed, we must take into account not only of business purposes, but the target group. It is therefore necessary to consider what can be offered to users to gain their interest. Before taking any steps we define the goal and think about the promotional campaign, which encourages users. One of the best ways to competition, to build positive associations with the brand.
seafront category and company name / u
For starters, go to http: / / / pages / create.php ~ ~ escape and select a category for your site this can be.
local company or site, company, organization or institution, or product brand, artist, band or public figure, fun, party-profit charitable organization or community. / ul
list seems to be to develop and select the appropriate sector for your company. After completion of the required fields, you accept the Rules of Procedure
name of the site should include a brief explanation of the password if the company is not advisable to publish the new page - .. for some time to work on better after the draft guiding profile and achieve a fully satisfactory layout, you can share to all customers
u short speech / u
After 25 supporters, the party may be shortened web address - username - .. should be a deliberate choice, because once you set the address can not be changed.
u Profile Picture / u
displayed on the site where the site should be on the logo. In the area offers plenty of Facebook can put a picture in the portrait - the optimal size is 180x540 pixels -. Based on the image will be generated avatar profile page
u landing page / u -. landing page -
card should prepare a special welcome and set it as default for new users. To briefly describe your company and pointed to the advantages of a fan hand. card should be visually appealing to Internet users will be happy to click on the option I like it!.
u Invites / u
invitations to various events - events - such as: Premiere of new products, require a response from the user, or to accept or reject any traction in the interaction for the benefit of the company accepted an event seen as a reminder of the upcoming deadline .. In addition, participants can send a reminder
u Applications / u
page to promote your company can use existing applications, but the best effect will be to create something new -. his -. This application can be u part of a larger action, eg when handling events. / u
u Ads Facebook Ads / u
bid to attract as many customers, you should not advertise a company or its products, but in the same direction, and the benefits of her fan.
u create a corporate profile Facebook, you should use their knowledge and experience, while maintaining sanity. / u

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