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How to clean a laptop keyboard

How to clean laptop keyboard laptop keyboard u can be a source of many bacteria and germs, so it is important to regularly clean

u Laptop keyboards can be a source of many germs and bacteria, hence the importance of regular cleaning instructions are here / U
to clean the keyboard, you first need to disconnect the laptop from the mains then empty all the USB ports, remove the cable and the devices that are connected to the computer
b laptop keyboard can be cleaned in two ways. / b u damp cloth / u - should not be too wet or frayed such as a keyboard can get a thread after rubbing the material, leave the laptop for a few minutes to u dried with compressed air / u - .. buy it at any computer store Here we also have many interesting features, including: a list of friends, through which we can share information with specific people in selected areas of life, for example, a friend, who lives near or colleagues / U
b u Hide friends list on Facebook, follow the steps below: / u / b Go to privacy settings, u account / em / u, u then Privacy Settings / em / u - in the upper right corner. The seafront link on Facebook / em / u Select u View Settings / em / u.
u friends list is treated as background information and resources for each application you use. All we can do is block the softwares ability to publish posts on the boards of our friends. This will happen: / u
Go to privacy settings u account / em / u, and then seafront Privacy Settings / em / u ; in Section seafront applications and web pages / em / u u click Edit Settings / em / u; Edit u of play activities and applications / em / u - click on the button and select from the list u Adaptation / em / u; Select u Let it be visible / em / u: u These people / em / u, and then we just u / em / u. / UL

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