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How do I delete my account now?

How do I delete my account on the auction u account on the auction can be removed in two ways

u account on the auction can be removed in two ways here are detailed instructions on how to do / U
Allegro b can not delete your details: / b u first payment / u
can be done within 10 days of registration, without giving any reasons, if not at the moment, not managed at auction, for example, offer to purchase, list items for sale Cafe Allegro in the loss of or contact with other users through the following forms: Send e-mail this person / em, Ask Seller a question / em.
withdrawal please fill out the form or submit a statement in written / electronic form. Allegro will consider your request within a maximum of 20 working days. Use of service after completing the form or submit a statement of waiver of withdrawal. agreement
u second closing account / u
close your account at the auction, please fill out the form to delete the data - this can be done 30 days after the auction ends - and the seller and buyer -. form can be ordered with reports for the entire period of operation of the auction - it will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours, however, the request for termination of your account is considered a maximum within 20 working days after completing the form
.. b Your data may be held to determine liability, if it is: / b
use services in a manner not in accordance with the rules of Allegro or the law and not pay the amount owed Allegro, is not paid from funds PayU, not all transactions are completed. / ul
basis for such activities is the Act of July 18, 2002 electronic service.

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