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How to speed up your computer

How to speed up computer seafront different types of applications, programs, games

seafront Different types of applications, programs, games - .. All this can affect your computer slower after a while the machine loses speed and performing even the simplest activities continue for ever in that situation, there is nothing else, just ask ourselves: How to speed up computer / u
computer uses virtual memory to disk, because the amount is too small can greatly slow down the addition, this condition affect the programs that run at startup - is quite significant. occupy memory tool: Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger, and Office applications and software suitable for music, for example: Winamp Very often the reason for the slower your computer is cluttered registry Fortunately, there are ways that it can be. have changed here. u Disk Cleanup / u - to perform this task, you can use the built-in operating system or disk cleaning wizard u free program CCleaner / u - the latest version can be downloaded from the Internet - .. This program removes unnecessary files and clean registry off to start their own applications, you must click on the Startup menu Start / em and search / em - file or folder / em, type the command msconfig u / u. In the System Configuration Utility / em to jump to the card Running / em and check the Command column, not the applications that run. with the launch of computers you can disable all or selected u Defragmenter / u - .. . sometimes the hard drive stores files in large chunks of its defragmentation can combine them together and make the computer speed up work to do this, u go to My Computer / u, and then right-click on the drive and select Properties em / em. Under Tools / em, click on the icon Defragment / em This operation can also be performed using application Diskeeper -. care of the hard - and defragmentation of registry - removes registry fragmentation -. u Scan your computer / u -. be implemented for carrying out scanning for viruses is to install a separate anti-virus program - from the internet, you can download it for free -. One such tool is u AVG Anti-Virus / u -. program that provides good protection for your computer u System Update . / u - should enable automatic updates on your computer to do this, you must, go to: Control Panel / em , Security Center / em, Automatic Updates / em. a result, the system will update the seafront upgrade computer memory / u - .. Additional RAM allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously in much faster than usual

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