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Japanese or Chinese the language should be learned and it is easier

Japanese or Chinese

Japanese language has a complex and very extensive grammar of all theres only one rule, and one answer, but many thousands of very similar features In addition, Japan is more pleasing to the ear, but the characters are more complex than the Chinese verb to the end of the sentence, which also makes the most of this information is unfortunately in the end. Sometimes we have to listen to the words long before we find out what the author had in mind.
In Chinese, there are tons of problems. sinologów Half the world does not exist their good command of at least half but it was not a problem in communication is the biggest obstacle messages - phonetics .. -. In Chinese, there is much freedom in the choice of grammatical forms, so that sentences can be said in many ways
whose language. learn ? It all depends on the purpose for which we learn. more modern Chinese is now due to very rapid economic development of the country and opening the giant on the world market. In addition, you should consider that the language more passion, the same land, people, culture, and in the sense that you choose.

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