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What are the certifications in English?

What are the certifications in English Certificate in English is very much

Certificates of English is very much - but at least the 40th most popular are:
1 - u TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language - / u - often require a period of study abroad
2 - u FCE - First Certiicate in English - / u - intermediate level language exam wielotematycznego vocabulary, is considered by many universities as fulfilling language requirements of the 5-year study
3 - . u CAE - Certificate in Advanced English - / u - an advanced degree, wielotematycznego vocabulary test, but at a much higher level, recognized by many universities as fulfilling the requirements of the language than 5 years of study
4 - in CPE - Certificate of proficiency in English - / u -. professional level, similar to the native level, recognized for high school and college, vocabulary Porn
5 - u LCCI examinations - London Chamber of Commerce and Industy - / u -. exams are organized at four levels, the views of business
More information on the English exam, you will find a link oni┼╝szym PD. u Useful Links / u dl dt English language exams / dt dd / dd / dl

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