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How to choose a language school what criteria should be followed when selecting it ?

How to choose a language school

This should take into account several things: 1
/ staff - necessary after studying philology and training - as well which is also accessible to an educated native speaker does not suggest, however, only classes with native speakers
2 .. / educational facilities - not just a book exchange, but interesting library resources, videos, audio tapes, other background material may be language laboratory -.
3/4 Price
/ ability to rewrite the group
5 / possibility of the course fees in installments
6 / discount - 5%, 10%, family, loyalty -
7 / Place - preferably close to home -
8 / number of hours of course - I think at least 100 -
9 / length of a lesson - 45 min/50min/60min -
10 / instructional methods - Dual, eclectic, straight, Grammar Translation, FL, CLL, suggestopedia, etc. -
11 / reputation school - whether it is generally recognized brand in the market, whether the test center -
12 / type of permit issued after the course
13 / ends in progress - what an interpreter written exam -?
14 / criteria and evaluation system - partial evaluation, letters, descriptive -

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