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How to vote in local elections

How to vote in local elections seafront Local elections / u give the public the opportunity to express their sympathy and political beliefs

u Local elections / u give the public the opportunity to express their sympathy and political beliefs Select mayors, mayors, members of city councils, county councils, city councils and county assemblies
to vote can participate / u just the right people to do seafront / u which:
are Polish citizens, at least on election day the age of 18, have photo identification, are permanent residents in the municipality. / ul
If we want to give your precious vote, we must go to the polling station connected to us. vote in place of actual residence. in place after the presentation of identity documents u / u, we obtain the corresponding ballot papers - containing information about how to properly vote
certain special voting are also available for people in hospitals, inmates in prisons and detention centers, as well as persons with disabilities and people over 75 years of age can cast their vote by proxy ..
current rules do not allow citizens to vote in the European Union, non-Polish citizens deprived of their right to be elected in the country whose citizenship they have
proves the validity of every vote u X / u. - u properly marked check box next to the names candidate you want / u. Remember: Do not be mistaken, insert any other characters, because then our voice will be invalid.
seafront Voters dealt four cards / u to the right to vote, namely: Mayor, mayor or city president of the representatives of the regional parliament of the county council and municipal council members of city councils

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