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Time for the Proms 2011 such as hairstyles and dresses, suits are in fashion this year?

Time for the Proms 2011

fun proms supplement is a convenient design, hair and makeup if the decision on the selection of dress, outfit or hairstyle made yet, read these instructions
u dress / u.
This The rule of irreplaceable black, sultry red, ultramarine blue and purple most fashionable prom dresses for 2011 is an array of styles, lengths and materials, as follows:.
short mini, knee length or long - depending on the taste - of silk taffeta, or airy, delicate materials, wide, flared - made of several layers of material - and a good match balls, dresses with frills and gorsetami, collection and asymmetrical drapes with one garment, strapless or traditional small. black supplements can be of different kinds of ornaments and . ribbons, feathers, sequins and shiny jets / ul
for this years prom dress should be associated with an event, crazy fun, and not sophisticated ball
Under mandatory must find a red dress garter. This model year, the storm is decorated with a bow at the name and the inscription Prom 2011.
dresses Prices start from around 100 zl. primarily depends on the the brand, quality goods, type of fabric and style of dress. additional costs are the shoes and accessories.
u Costumes / u Gentlemen
somewhat simplify the task, but only superficially. costumes for this years prom to be perfect, made of decent material:
black or striped classic style or fit in a jacket , classic trousers, with an emphasis on the waist or a thin tube to suit accordingly choose a shirt, tie, or perhaps a fly and cuffs. If the tie is one that interacts with the dress color additives or partner. flies can be in different colors, But traditionally the best choice is black. / ul
corresponds Prices start from around 300 zl the + shoes and accessories
u hairstyles and makeup / u
Prom 2011, near Carnival is the prevailing fashion, but unlike the example in the previous year, are in vogue today, smooth, soft and romantic hairstyle decorated with a band, hairpins or flower when it comes to hair color most intense and unique shades of black, blue, brown, copper and even red -. no color highlights and
balejażu -. cost associated with hairdressing services is in the range 50-150 zl
very fashionable this year are bold makeup, false eyelashes and generally strong lines on the eyelids, the lips and intense colors, even black, red and green, but beware. if the dress is rich in all kinds of great accessories, keep restraint in decorating his face. Artificial nails are nicely presented, but no longer in vogue. return to favor of natural, short and beautifully painted nails, and indeed is shown by many celebrities from the world of film and music. treatments are at 50-250 zl. Cost u
proms / u In addition to buying
creative hairdressing and beauty treatments, the cost of prom is organized in the school hall is about 50-150 zl per person for prom elegant restaurant will cost around 300-600 Zl per person price in both cases, the room decor, music and catering course, prices are not rigid - .. or approximate, since much depends on the city and school facilities, which will be held the ball and the same high school graduates - they usually decide on where, where is the music and decor will be fun.

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