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Secrets of the mind how SITA

Secrets of the mind

In this course, he met, among others, Arabic, Swedish, and Russian and Polish
, learned more than 30 languages, specialized mainly in the now extinct: the Celtic and Germanic staroirlandzkim old sensation ... At the same time the World Congress became an Italian linguist Carlo Tagliavini seafront / u seafront. / u admired knowledge u 120 / u seafront / u languages, of which 35 overcame the fluent.
Emil Krebs, the son of a bricklayer from Świebodzice, at the age of seven self-taught French. before it reaches maturity, he reigned seventeen languages ​​fluently. During his life, has mastered dozens of them. striking skills Krebs fascinated scientists to the extent preserved after his death, brain doctor, in hopes to find physical causes of such extraordinary linguistic abilities.
polyglots prominent neurologists have studied and neurolingwistów. How is it possible to have a memory to absorb what is the door you can open your mind chooses? It is, after all, that is language learning is a long and painstaking work, which is only years later brings visible results. Scientists are still hoping to get in the way that you learn new languages ​​in a short time.
Meanwhile, all indications that at least lifted the veil. Research has shown that most effectively absorb knowledge when both hemispheres are capable of synchronous operation. usually work alternately, depending on what we do. dominance on the left or right hemisphere is a natural phenomenon and it is difficult to control. So how do I do and work with similar intensity?
turns out that this condition occurs physiologically. Unfortunately, it takes a very short time, because only when you sleep and after waking up. more work in a way that invites also in other circumstances. It turned out that this is possible, and SITA, a novel device that can do it in a state of creative relaxation is primarily used for language learning. Rate SITA instead of a big talent?
SITA method makes the assimilation of knowledge is not only effective but also enjoyable because it is capable of relaxation. takes a few times smaller than a standard textbook learning. It costs a lot less effort and improves the efficiency of perception, triggering long-term memory. This allows storage of approximately 1,000 new words takes only 44 hours. Science SITA provides so pretty spectacular results!
Schliemann, Tolkien and the Krebs People who continue to amaze the world with their supernatural abilities. Fortunately, the average human life is concerned, a much smaller number of languages. And though the secret of their very extended memory remains unresolved, the method of learning foreign languages ​​SITA provides a real opportunity to quickly reach to the success of their language.

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