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Elementary school public or private

Elementary school

choosing a suitable school for your child, parents have a choice of public and private institutions Both have their advantages and disadvantages
In Poland, most children learn in schools, it does not mean that private ... do not enjoy the attention. In child education in such an object is associated with high costs for many years, but in return they receive a rich education and a wide variety of extracurricular activities.
u state primary schools / u
teaching in private schools jednozmianowo in smaller, usually a dozen or so classes. But this is not just a question of access to education students, and teachers to students themselves and want to pass on the necessary knowledge.
level classes can be so different in both cases. Before you decide on the selection and recording, you should know about a particular school as much as possible - activities, availability of teaching aids, security -. Extremely valuable in this case are the opinions of parents whose children attend school, or completed.

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