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How to prepare for exams

How to prepare for the matriculation exams u / u is one of the most important exam in my life

u Graduation / u is one of the most important exam in my life in order to ensure the right to further education, it should be well prepared
u Learning Plan / u
. most important thing is to agree a plan that will implement the various stages of teaching writing as a task for each day and the time you devote to them, for example: reading, writing and repetition of material
We have to show discipline and consistency, if you read the one hour .. then we can set an alarm or an alarm on the phone, which will inform you about the job is done
repeating the same material -. constantly watching the clock can only distract us unnecessarily and so we learn self-discipline, and Only we are responsible for. what we learned - do not let the fact that someone is forced to do something, and we are not claiming that anyone, if something is not working for us - we are organizing a course of study for final exams -.
u time spent learning / u
brain working at top speed from morning to afternoon, so forget about science in the late evening or at night - .. results will be poor, it does not mean that we zarywańá schools study for exams, we read and make notes after school and on weekends from morning to repeat the material - preferably out loud -.
learning should begin much earlier than the material in small fragments, but to start a few days before graduation and pores in Torture of books from morning to night, night or the support of strong coffee or afterburners it really does not affect the higher concentration of -. only gives the illusion of bedtime should just repeat the received wisdom
best solution is to open a note in the first half hour after waking up .. . brain at the moment is focused on forgetting, but remembering, because of the effect of blur in the brain responsible for memory traces of dreams. Knowing the amount of material and thoroughly divided individual parts for each day of the week, well feel calmer and more confident.
Last week before graduation need only repeat the most important facts. During this time, because we should have already mastered the material. break from studies in the treatment of the exam of maturity with seriousness, but not transplanted science. Our brain can eventually resent because of this intellectual activity, so please short break in learning and doing something else, for example, listen to music, go out into the air, jog, workout, eat something, so
u relax before final exams / u
Graduation and every second examination is a very stressful event, even for well-prepared and confident. Therefore, do not leave science to the last moment, for reviewing the notes just before graduation in a few sentences.
three days before the exam is worth devoting to just relax, meet friends , walking, putting aside the book, forgetting for a moment about what lies ahead.
high school days should be fresh and full of energy, so you have a decent nights sleep. Independent prepares for exams will allow We will certainly pass it and that will result in future
preparing a presentation we will learn include: .. make long speeches and proposals to raise arguments and participate in discussions

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