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Principles of writing development of graduation

. Principles of writing to develop maturity Essence seafront develop mature / u to graduate school in the key wstrzelił prepared by the Central Examination Commission

u will develop maturity / u to graduate school in the key wstrzelił prepared by the Central Examination Commission extended is slightly different from the basic, first of all requires that students use the terminology very often .. graduation essay on this topic level can be attributed to the presenting problem or making presentations
u scheme to develop the maturity to write as follows:. / u
always read and analyze the topic of access treściwego Building Respect which is the subject of analysis of text commands and coherent part of the whole - Development - the culmination of work summarizing the end / ul
u Introduction / u
Entry important development is that from the beginning to compete for points. most important is so informative and contains the facts lead. If the we have to deal with part or all of the text, should briefly display this text. In addition, you will have a brief introductory note, or who, when and what he wrote. If the object shows a very important event, you might want to specify.
Develop u / u
composition and style of the highest scoring criteria in the essay that is in the story and linguistic accuracy. more legitimate facts, we introduce, the more points you will have the opportunity to get. own reviews and ratings left itself This is because it will not matter much. At first we analyze carefully the paper and print the outline of all the important facts. overall focus is primarily on thinking about the text that relate to what the words and pictures. We put everything in neat artwork and write to the list.
u End / u
develop enrollment end is as important as the introduction, it is provided that points to certain conclusions. So you can not write this part of program development for the treatment of maturity sztampowym an opinion, confirms the idea of ​​a theme or another, we are set in the introduction of Termination should be a full summary of conclusions and the sum of the total composition
u .. Summary: / u In the introduction, we introduce the essential facts supporting the claims with examples from the text End to organize at least five sentences on several occasions concerning the concepts of the subject - such as vision, image -
Very often the same maturity on the development of many tips namely a fake form of speech or literary genre that should be discussed. Therefore we must carefully read and understand the work, see the problem and call the short program. In the worksheet, graduation to the draft, where you can take notes or even write an essay about the dirty, and then rewrite - you must be careful to be on time -. will secure loose notes.

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