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Unknown RELAX .

Unknown relaxation German chemist Friedrich August Kekule von Stradoniz, wrote in his memoirs: One summer day I returned last Omnibus empty streets at the time

German chemist Friedrich August Kekule von Stradoniz, wrote in his memoirs: One summer day I returned last Omnibus empty streets at the time - ... - the city sank into my eyes and dream. Atoms began to circulate - .... - I saw two small connected together in pairs, as higher is surrounded by two smaller and still maintain all the dizzying dance of atoms is considered more form a chain, dragging the smaller, but only for. end of the chain. A few years
later, the same scientist survived another incredible vision: I turned my chair to the fireplace and sank half asleep atoms harcowały again before my eyes - ... - long lines, several closely related .. all in motion, squirming and writhing wężowato. look, what happened? One of the snakes seized its own tail and whirled mockingly before my eyes. I woke up and lightning struck the rest of the night I spent on dismantling the consequences of this hypothesis. Both survival Stradoniz
became an impulse for the creation of important chemical coatings . His theory of structuring and description of the chain of atoms in organic compounds are not born in the privacy of the laboratory, but when the teacher nearly napping ...
Dmitri Mendeleev, the author occasionally table of elements, their ideas come up during the holidays. Otto Levi, who in 1936 received the Nobel Prize for discovering the mechanisms of chemical transmission of nerve impulses, the experiment that became the basis of its findings, only dreamed of. Elias Howe perfected the construction of machines. sewing, borrowing an idea from a dream in which he attacked the Indians, armed with spears strange hole at the top
And you - you remember ... Autumn in przedsenne numbness or just after waking up, youre on the verge of self-awareness. You can not sleep, but not yet fully under control. Did you then think of something on the way, how did you not come before ? strange Creative visionary? ... Break up suddenly in the sense that you have found the solution to the problem, which has long been boring you?
state of relaxation to the door through which we look into our brains. Relaxed mind is to go from standby to normal rest phase. Consciousness is not excluded, but it works without a clear dominance of one cerebral hemisphere. and begin to operate synchronously. entering a pleasant condition, in which, without focusing on anything concrete, we give the possibility of creative holiday KB
access to such a state Today, the system provides SITA. was created in order to effectively use the relaxing phase of relaxation. SITA can be used for different tasks. effectively helps you to quickly learn, for example, a foreign language. Turns the mind and increases the effective memory capacity. Clinical studies have shown that was big in the states of heightened tension, reduce stress and calm the body.
relaxation Archimedes in the bathtub, he had an idea of ​​his famous theory. Dante, Goethe and Tolstoy admitted use of literary ideas, which appeared to them in a state of deep relaxation . from similar sources has attracted many famous musicians and painters. SITA today gives us the opportunity to follow in their trace.
Anna Kowalińska

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