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Free software for learning English

Free software for learning English u English / u the seafront foreign languages ​​/ u one you want to learn.

u English / u the seafront foreign languages ​​/ u one you want to learn everyone is looking for a self adequate, effective and fast way of learning, and there are indeed many opportunities to learn words , phrases and expressions in the English language creates programs that can be easily downloaded from the Internet onto your computer
Below is a list of all free and demo version - which has limited access to certain functions -.
u Europlus + Mature Masters / u
is an interactive course designed for those preparing for exams in English at the elementary level. program helps you choose the way of learning, to determine the user language skills and provides useful tools that help Dictionary and Grammar
program is divided into three parts: the first
exam simulation, which includes: authentic mature sets of tasks in the form of interactive simulations, the ability to listen to recordings in a particular sequence at a specific time and assessment of customer skills
2 E-book and electronic versions of two a textbook. graduation graduation and Masters Masters Preintermediate basic, thematic questions that appear on the matriculation examination, useful features include a quick search, listen to audio files, page zooming and printing capabilities
3 Exercises Interactive - Multimedia exercises and repeating the basic level preintermediate, a division of each set of exercises in the unit. grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening, practical features such as simulated dialogues, record your own speech, repetition and reinforcement materials with interesting topics of exercises and materials for printing.
free program can be downloaded from the Programs tab ~ ~ escape the category of science and education.
u English summary 3.0 / u
free version programs for learning English, designed for beginners and begin to learn and those who want to quickly recall the basics of English. program teaches the alphabet, basic vocabulary, phrases and necessary. grammatical rules
All material was divided into 16 sections, grammar with exercises and learning the alphabet display in each of these groups can use the following subsections. słówkach exercises and sentences, dialogue, listening, presentation and crossword puzzles.
program can be downloaded free from the ~ ~ wins in the category of most popular programs.
u Pytacz Master 4.1.1 / u
free program for learning. words in the English language, the names of major cities on the continent, divided the important dates and historical symbols of chemical elements
program has two modes: 1
science - for every word we need to answer correctly as many times unless you set options in science with these words, which we write - repairs errors. while fully master the material in question
2nd Test -. with each word exactly once, and asked after the test, we can see the results of our science.
program can be downloaded free from the . html / ~ ~ = HEAD escape
u study v1.0f word / u Free Word Study program
enter their base words, and then teach the test. Each set of words can be printed and each enter a password, you can specify two translations and comments. allow applications to ask questions in random order.
The program can be downloaded free from the ~ ~ wins in the category of education
u EasyLanguage -. + grammar - 2,09 / u
content of this program consists of a thousand words. and hundreds of sentences, divided into dozens of topics to study each word completes the picture of the importance - all the words recorded by native speakers
With built-in editor, you can create new topics, to learn from their own vocabulary, and expand science .. In addition EasyLanguage contains words English-Polish and Polish-English, which is a quick way to find all available przekładny word you want, make an excuse and case in which it is located.
program can be downloaded for free at http:// wersja demo. Programs tab and category of Education and Science
u ESKK phrasal verbs / u
is a multimedia program that is used so effectively for learning phrasal verbs -. phrasal verbs -. These are verbs whose meaning is difficult to guess, even if she knows the words. They can also cause problems with people who know very well in English language. Phrasal verbs are commonly used in everyday speech, so you need to know their meaning.
applications ESKK Phrasal Verbs contains m in: people accomplish four frequently used phrasal verbs, 7 ćwiczeniowych modules - a total of 2800 exercise - and 4 levels of advancement and glossary contains over 1100 phrasal verbs addition, the program allows the user to select the appropriate level of progress of science, as well as create their own sets of exercises to rework the program. It is mainly aimed at learners of English in middle and advanced levels.
The program can be downloaded free from the demo ~ = ~ HEAD escape the Programs tab and category of science and education.

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